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316L Stainless Steel Lip Labret 18 Gauge Clear Stone Diameter: 2mm Available Sizes: 11mm / ..
Multi Colored 316L Surgical Steel Lip Labrets 18 Gauge Color Stone: 2mm Available Sizes: 11..
Clear Ferido Ball 316L Surgical Steel Lip Labret Piercing. It is absolutely stunning and sparkling,Y..
Multi-colored Ferido Ball Lip Labrets / Lip Piercing‚Äč. It is absolutely stunning and sparkling. Y..
0103 Ball/Spike Lip Labrets 316L Surgical Steel New
Spike and Ball Lip Labrets / Lip Piercing 16 Gauge Length: 11mm 6 different colors for each..
0104 Set of Ball & Spike Labret Piercing New
Set of Two 316L Surgical Steel Ball and Spike Lip Labrets. It is absolutely stunning and spa..
0110 Set of Ball & Spike Eyebrow Piercing New
Set of Two 316L Stainless Steel Ball and Spike  Eyebrow Piercing16 GaugeLength: 13..